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Ahh, Honey Honey!

Sweeten the New Year with the smooth, luscious taste of Krnjevac honeynow available at the EuroBalkan Shop! Honey enthusiasts will know that the Krnjevac brand is produced by Medino, who are widely considered to be the #1 honey manufacturers in Serbia.

At the EuroBalkan Shop we specialize in acquiring top quality products for our customers, and our recent acquisition of both Krnjevac Acacia Honey and Krnjevac Meadow Honey clearly shows that our standards for the year 2014 are higher than ever before!


Krnjevac Acacia Honey is monofloral, meaning that it is produced from nectar harvested primarily from the Robinia pseudoacacia plant. This particular honey is extremely light in color (usually pale lemon or yellow green) and is less viscous than most other honeys so it can be easily poured. It has a delicate, floral, fruity aroma which complements a very sweet flavor with small hints of vanilla. The delicacy of Krnjevac Acacia Honey allows it to sweeten a variety of sauces and glazes, but without overtaking all the other delicious flavors on offer.

Krnjevac Meadow Honey is dark, robust in flavor and is produced from the multitude of beautiful wild flowers that cover the meadows of Serbia. It is an excellent natural sweetener, and is used to enhance wines, beer, pastries, and many other sweet and savory foods.

Both honeys are delicious and extremely nutritious as they are bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Krnjevac Acacia Honey is reported to relieve fatigue, soothe the mind, reduce insomnia and decrease dizziness. Similarly therapeutic, Krnjevac Meadow Honey is recommended for increasing physical and mental capacity, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Get the New Year off to a vibrant start with great food for your friends and family. Pick up these all natural sweeteners this weekend at the EuroBalkan Shop! Sugar, sugar — Ahh, Honey! Honey!


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