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Ajvar chicken recipe

Spicy Ajvar Chicken Stew – Recipe

Calling all AJVAR LOVERS! You spoke, and we listened! The EuroBalkan Shop has amazed its growing band of loyal customers yet again by acquiring BAS AJVER’S delicious spicy ajvar. While ajvar is usually eaten as a spread or a dipping sauce, real ajvar aficionados will know that the tasty red [...]

Delicious kajmak on fresh bread

Luscious Kajmak, Juicy Porcini & Sweet Plum Preserves!

You guys asked for it and Dubai’s hottest new store has delivered yet again – fresh Mladi Kajmak is now available at the EuroBalkan Shop! As most of us might know, kajmak is a rich, thick cream that is native to Serbia, but enjoyed in many countries throughout the South [...]

honey and fruit

Ahh, Honey Honey!

Sweeten the New Year with the smooth, luscious taste of Krnjevac honey — now available at the EuroBalkan Shop! Honey enthusiasts will know that the Krnjevac brand is produced by Medino, who are widely considered to be the #1 honey manufacturers in Serbia. At the EuroBalkan Shop we specialize in [...]

Sarajevski Cevapi

Savory Sarajevski Ćevapi – Now Available!

At last the festive season is here, and you can celebrate with us as the EuroBalkan Shop brings mouthwatering Sarajevski Ćevapi to all its loyal customers! Ćevapi are grilled dishes of minced beef or lamb, which are traditionally served with flatbread, onions, sour cream, cheese and spices. They are a family [...]

Pâté on Bread

Delicious Meats and Tasty Treats!

We have more great news for our loyal shoppers this week as delicious Argeta pâtés and tasty Domaćica tea biscuits hit the shelves at the EuroBalkan Shop! The Argeta brand was established in 1957 by Slovenia’s Droga Kolinska Group and is well-known for its mouthwatering spreads. Health conscious moms will [...]

jam cookies

Let’s Jam Tonight!

Tantalize your taste buds as the EuroBalkan Shop brings you the sweetest treats from the enchanting orchards of Macedonia! With the freshest Macedonian jams and preserves available on our shelves, we’re sure you’ll be able to whip up delicious desserts that even Grandma would be proud of! We currently have [...]

Macedonian Cheeses


Hey everyone! The EuroBalkan Shop is happy to announce the arrival of a huge shipment of delicious cheeses directly from Macedonia! That’s right, six (6) new Macedonian cheeses will be available on our shelves as of Wednesday November 20, 2013. These tasty treats include: Bieno (Yellow) Cow Cheese Bieno (Yellow) [...]

EuroBalkan Shop Dubai

Re-Live Our Grand Opening!

That’s right! All of you wonderful people who have been waiting patiently to roam the aisles of Dubai’s hottest new supermarket need not wait any longer! On Friday October 11, 2013 the ribbons were cut and the food was served as the EuroBalkan Shop was officially opened to the public. [...]