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Delicious kajmak on fresh bread

Luscious Kajmak, Juicy Porcini & Sweet Plum Preserves!

You guys asked for it and Dubai’s hottest new store has delivered yet again – fresh Mladi Kajmak is now available at the EuroBalkan Shop!

As most of us might know, kajmak is a rich, thick cream that is native to Serbia, but enjoyed in many countries throughout the South East Europe. It is definitely one of most eagerly requested food items in our entire inventory, and we are extremely happy to have met the expectations of our growing band of loyal customers.


Mladi Kajmak boasts a smooth mild flavor and a thick creamy consistency that is perfect for topping freshly baked bread, pastries, fresh fruit and even savory meals such as juicy hamburgers and cevapi. Most importantly, Mladi Kajmak maintains the appearance, aroma and taste of the delicious homemade creams we have come to know and love.

We are also excited to announce the acquisition of two more fantastic items to our list of freshly preserved foods, namely — tasty porcini mushrooms (whole, jarred) and sweet plum preserves!

It has truly been a great year for EuroBalkan shoppers so far, but by checking the shelves this weekend we promise that 2014 will get even better!


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