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Sarajevski Cevapi

Savory Sarajevski Ćevapi – Now Available!

At last the festive season is here, and you can celebrate with us as the EuroBalkan Shop brings mouthwatering Sarajevski Ćevapi to all its loyal customers! Ćevapi are grilled dishes of minced beef or lamb, which are traditionally served with flatbread, onions, sour cream, cheese and spices. They are a family favorite among Balkan people, and their popularity is steadily increasing throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Ćevapi are a very special food in Southeastern Europe, serving as the national dish of many of the Balkan countries. With this significance firmly in mind, the EuroBalkan Shop has delved deep into the very heart of Sarajevo itself to bring this extraordinary product directly to you. Sarajevski Ćevapi are frozen fresh to seal in all their unique flavors. Just toss them on the grill and they will be good to go in just a few minutes. They are excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are a wonderful addition to snacks and family picnics. Treat your loved ones to a truly memorable meal during the holidays – pick up a pack of deliciously savory Sarajevski Ćevapi today!

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